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We have a wide range of training for workers in fields where safety is key. From offshore/onshore rig workers to emergency response ambulance and tactical bullion van drivers, we are poised to add survival and safety skills to the manpower of worker in various workforces to mitigate emergency and disaster. We take people on a journey ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, ability and right attitude to operate safely and effectively in their workplace and its environment as a whole.

Survival at Sea

This training makes delegates aware of all the possible escape and survival techniques and procedures available in case of disaster so as to reduce casualties in emergencies and provides an understanding of how to use the safety equipment onboard your boat.


The purpose of Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is to prepare offshore workers and military personnel who are regularly transported to and from facilities by Helicopters for emergency exit in case of crash landing over water.

Basic and Advance Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting is a course designed to equip learners with the knowledge and necessary skills to manage and extinguish a fire in the home, office or work environment, using a variety of skills and various firefighting equipment covered during the course.


BOSIET stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training, this course is created to provide delegates with a basic level of understanding and awareness of safety and emergency response on offshore installations.

Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Any space of an enclosed nature where there is exposure to hazardous substances or dangerous conditions (e.g. lack of oxygen) is a confined space. This Training is designed for any personnel who are likely to operate inside or around confined spaces.

Basic and Advance First Aid

First aid is the provision of initial care to persons with illness or injury. It is an invaluable skill that can save lives in both the workplace and the domestic environment. We provide theoretical information and the practical skills required to manage an emergency.

Gas Testing & BA Training

Gas Testing and Breathing Apparatus Training enables participants to be competent in gas testing and the use of breathing apparatus to an acceptable level, in order to enable them identify the risk associated with working in hazardous atmosphere.

Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response Training helps individuals understand the strategic organisational management procedures used to protect critical assets of an organisation from hazard and risk that can lead to disasters or catastrophes in their workplace.

Health, Safety & Environment

We offer different courses to help understand safety and environmental management process through determining and applying appropriate standards and methods to identify and minimize the likelihood of accidents, injuries and environmental impact.

With over 25 years of Safety Training Experience, OPEANS has prepared several companies for the risk they undertake. Our Training Centre is DPR, NIMASA and ISPON approved for HUET, BOSIET, STCW and other HSE competence courses. We have successfully carried out safety training to various Oil & Gas companies, military and paramilitary organisations. We also offer courses customised to clients’ request.

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